Ski Resorts

Car washes, especially full service ones can benefit from building a SMS opt-in list of their customers. You can take advantage of changes in the weather, slow business days or the announcement of full service specials. When you send out your advertising message to your subscribers in the morning, they have your offer on their phone all day with them. Make the offer only good for that day or weekend and you will be able to drive traffic to your business.

Connect this season’s crowds to the slopes in a proactive and innovative way through mobile. With Textboom, the mountain resorts industry can deliver automated snow reports, promotional marketing messages and targeted, on-mountain messaging straight to the modern mountain fanatics phone. With endless features and ideas, Textboom provides a wealth of options for ski resorts looking to engage today’s snow-obsessed, on-the-go crowd.

At Textboom we have worked with the Ski Industry. Our employees are avid visitors of the slopes and know first hand what will get your customer’s attention. That means we have developed some unique marketing ideas that are designed just for Ski Areas.

Popular ski destinations everywhere are using text message alerts to market to regular skiers this winter. Their mobile alert programs have been used in successful on-site promotions such as skiers who were offered a free hot chocolate for opting in to the program.

Other ski resorts use text message alerts to stay in contact with regular skiers. Seasoned skiers are targeted with an alerts program providing regular mountain news and conditions, special offers, and event details to keep them coming back to the mountain time after time.

Text message alerts help these ski resorts stay in contact with visitors and ensure their resort stays top of mind, plus customers love being kept up to date with mountain conditions and special offers so it’s win-win. While the examples here have been all about ski resorts, text message alerts are a simple but effective way for any holiday or recreation destination to engage consumers and keep them coming back again and again.

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