Textboom Features

Textboom offers the most advanced text message promotions platform available and every feature is included with all accounts at no additional cost. Click on any of the features to the left to read more about each.


Don’t be fooled by “Standard Messages” vs “Express Messages” – All of our messages are delivered via the true SMS protocol so you know the message will be delivered reliably within seconds.
Not sure what this means? Read “Importance of Message Delivery Method : SMS vs SMTP” →


Textboom has the most comprehensive US carrier coverage in the industry. You can take comfort in our services working with your customers providers. For a complete list, please vist “Supported Carriers”.


Your rate is based on the number of messages you send, not how many lists you have.


A keyword is what your customers will text in order to get on your VIP list. For example, “Text MYBAR to 74455 to Join MyBar’s VIP List!” – In this example, ‘MYBAR’ would be the keyword. Having multiple keywords allows you to narrow down your marketing efforts by splitting users into appropriate groupings. For instance, you could have a separate keyword and list for your Karaoke night, or Pool league. With Textboom, the options are endless – Don’t get stuck paying $25 per keyword per month elsewhere!


There is no limit to the number of members/contacts you have on your lists.


Inbound messages never count towards your monthly usage.


An autoresponder is the most commonly used service. Simply put, when your customer sends in a message with a particular keyword, an autoresponder is triggered and they receive a message back after being placed into the appropriate VIP list.


You have the option to send your broadcasts to Facebook and/or Twitter, automatically!


Text to Win gets people involved and is fun for everyone. You can choose to have one or multiple winners. Text to Win contest prizes may include $25 off your bar tab, or a signed guitar, or tickets to an event, or even a vacation! Get creative – Every person that participates in the contest will automagically be added to your main VIP list so that you can market to them in the future. Text to Win is easy, automated and builds lists fast, plus customers love it!


With Textboom text messaging trivia, you have the ability to have your own custom trivia system and you can choose the questions and answers. Sports bar? Sports trivia! Little bar in a historic town? Town history trivia! Text based trivia allows you to take advantage of a fun system that customers love without buying any expensive equipment – Plus it has the added value of building your text marketing lists and allows you to create your own custom questions – Not some stock trivia questions from the game makers – Make it unique to your bar, your town or your interests!


Get feedback! Find out what your customers love the most or would like to see in your establishment. Or you could use our polls system to host a karaoke contest! Polls are a great way to increase customer involvement due to the interactivity.


From within your dashboard, you have access to our Widget Wizard that will allow you create custom web signup widgets in seconds! The wizard gives you a simple piece of code that you can paste into your website, Facebook and more!


Your dashboard allows you to see all activity within your Textboom account. You have the ability to run in-depth reports to see account statistics based on your chosen parameters so that you can track all inbound and outbound message activity. From within your dashboard, you also have the ability to setup new campaigns, keywords and lists – or change existing ones.