Text Messaging Pricing

At Textboom, we take a different approach to pricing. We feel all customers should have the same features and techonology available to them, regardless how small or large their business may be. Instead of adding fees to our service for features, or keywords, or lists... We simply charge you for the volume of messages you send. That's it. All accounts have every feature we offer, unlimited lists and keywords are free.

Below are some basic account offerings, but the majority of our customers are setup on a plan that is designed just for them and their business. Call us today and we can design the perfect plan for YOU.


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  • 500 Messages / mo.
  • 1 Keyword
  • $.05 per additional message


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  • 1000 Messages / mo.
  • 5 Keywords
  • $.035 per additional message
  • 500 Emails


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  • 5000 Message / mo.
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • $.0225 per additional message


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  • 10,000 Messages / mo.
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • $.0175 per additional message