TextBoom without question is focused on the success of our program and we have a wealth of experience in the industry and know what will and will not work. The idea factory will show you some of the ideas that we have implemented for our clients that have yielded tremendous results. All TextBoom accounts include our marketing assistance package.


Text to Win gets people involved and is fun for everyone. You can choose to have one or multiple winners. Text to Win contest prizes may include $25 off your bill, a free entree, tickets to an event, or even a vacation! Get creative – Every person that participates in the contest will automagically be added to your main VIP list so that you can market to them in the future. Text to Win is easy, automated and builds lists fast, plus customers love it!

Lunch Speecials
We have found that lunch specials have the highest redemption rates but timing is key! Make sure to get your promotions out early enough to be seen before patrons make lunch plans.

With Textboom text messaging trivia, you have the ability to have your own custom trivia system and you can choose the questions and answers. Sports themed restaurant? Sports trivia! Little restaurant in a historic town? Town history trivia! Text based trivia allows you to take advantage of a fun system that customers love without buying any expensive equipment – Plus it has the added value of building your text marketing lists and allows you to create your own custom questions – Not some stock trivia questions from the game makers – Make it unique to your restaurant, your town or your interests!

Narrow your marketing efforts
Having separate lists for lunch and dinner customers is a great way to target your promotions to the right crowd. Our system allows you to focus your efforts more effectively to see better returns.

Instant Savings
A popular way to use text messaging promotions for restaurants is to offer instant discounts to customers when they sign up. For instance, you can place flyers, postcards or posters around the restaurant that say “Join our Text VIP List – Text FOOD to 74455 and get a 1/2 Price Appetizer”. This will surely build your text based marketing list quickly and you can limit the promotions to certain inexpensive foods. Other ideas may be half price beer or free dessert. You have to figure out what works best for your restaurant and your customers, but we can also help guide you in figuring that out and give you ideas that have worked for similar establishments. Plus our system has advanced features that will protect you from patrons attempting to abuse the promotions by joining multiple times.

“The Birthday Club”
Show your customers you love them by sending them a Happy Birthday text message with a bar special just for them on their birthday – Automatically! When customers sign up for the birthday club, they simply reply with their date of birth, our system stores that information, and then on their birthday the system sends them your chosen birthday message and special. Simply, effective and your customers feel special on their special day!


Need more ideas? Want to know what has worked for Bars like yours? We’ve got you covered. All accounts include a dedicated representative to analyze your current promotions, discuss the best way to integrate text messaging, tweak promotions to fit and suggest ideas that are most likely to work for you based on your bar’s dynamic.