Text Messaging for  Non-Profits & Charities

With our fast paced society, it can be difficult to get the attention of potential volunteers or contributors to a non-profits cause. Email has dwindled in effectiveness, TV & Radio is expensive and while social media is great, it can be difficult to build your non-profits online presence. As a result, it is important to use a variety of communication channels to ensure your cause is getting the most exposure possible. Textboom offers simple, fast and cost-effective solution to instantly communicate with people who are important in supporting your non-profit.

Some ideas for implementing text messaging for your nonprofit:Text-Messaging-Non-Profit

  • Use your website, social media, flyers and word of mouth to gain text message subscribers.
  • Offering some incentive often yields better results, such as a text based giveaway or contest for joining.
  • Alert volunteers, supporters and staff of important information.
  • Send reminders regarding upcoming events, fundraisers or deadlines.
  • Send thank you’s, pictures of events and contribution outcomes to all your supporters instantly to show your appreciation and let them know they made a difference. (Simple gestures such as this are often overlooked but can lead to loyal supporters, higher volunteer morale and increasingly successful future campaigns)

Textboom offers discounts to nonprofits and charitable causes, giving you the best SMS technology possible for pennies per message.
We want to see you succeed and make a difference in the world.

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