1. A customer or potential customer sees a postcard, print advertisement, or poster that reads “Text BARSPECIALS to 74455 to join our VIP list and get a FREE Draft Beer RIGHT NOW!” 2. The customer texts as instructed and gets his welcome message back automatically along with his free beer special message. 3. The customer then shows the text to a bartender to redeem. 4. From that point on you are able to market to that customer via text message. Simple and effective!


1. On a busy night, you have your DJ announce you are holding a contest for $25 off a bar tab. 2. To participate, your customers simply text CONTEST to 74455 to participate and announce the winner at 9PM. 3. Each customer that participates will be added to your VIP list for future promotions. 4. The system will automatically pick a winner at 9PM and send them a congratulations message. 5. The customer simply shows the text to management to redeem. Simple list building with HUGE potential.