Textboom by MobiConcepts is a proprietary global consumer engagement technology platform that allows companies of all sizes to manage every aspect of customer communication and interaction. The platform offers the most robust set of features to facilitate engagement via cell phone or the web. Whether you want to launch a broadcast campaign to your subscribers as well as to social networking sites or engage your clients with text2vote, text2win or text2quiz, collect data or develop a dynamically scripted conversation with your target audience, Textboom allows you to launch such campaigns with ease while using our intuitive user interface. No technological expertise is necessary.

Textboom offers a one of a kind white-label feature set with 4 levels of account hierarchy, custom billing and rights & permissions.

MobiConcepts is an ever-growing software provider that has allowed hundreds of major brand and companies to take their consumer engagement to the next level. With new updates and features rolling out every quarter, we are always ready to grow with you.