Msg Box

This especially useful new feature gives you the ability for to maintain one or more chat sessions between the system and a mobile phone user(s). You can respond immediately by starting a chat conversation after a user sends an MO for maximum interactions or customer support.

It’s easy to access this feature: simply choose Msg Box from the toolbar and a new page will appear-like the figure below. The large section on the right side may already contain a listing of messages. You’ll see four columns: From/To, Message, Date, and Action. On the left side, you can select the Client and choose the filters you want to apply to the message listing. In the bottom left corner, you’ll find the Active Chats section.


Follow these steps to engage in a chat session:

  1. Locate the message in the listing, and then click the small blue chat bubble in the Action


  2. A pop-up chat window will appear, in which you will see the area to type, time remaining for that chat session, character count and the option to increase or decrease the time. Here is what a chat window looks like:


  3. Enter the text you want to send to the recipient.

  4. Respond to any messages that you receive.

    Managing different chat sessions

    You can have multiple chat sessions active simultaneously. Minimize the windows when they are not in use to keep the all the chat sessions clearly in view. Select Open to begin chatting again. Click Close to terminate a chat session.



    Textboom offers you a way to send and track email:

    • Email Broadcast

    • Email Manager

    • Email Template Manager

    • Email Template Wizard

    • Email Log


      You may access these tools from the Email menu in the Textboom toolbar or from the Email quick link icon located under the toolbar on the Dashboard.


      Email Broadcast

      The Email Broadcast feature makes it easy for you to create one-time email distributions. We provide you with many options, and yet it’s quite easy to setup.

      You may access this feature by choosing Email > Email Manager > Email Broadcast from the toolbar



      If you use the quick link Email icon located under the tool bar on the Dashboard it will take you to the Email Manager.


      Click on the Email Broadcast icon in the top right corner to start a new Broadcast mail.


      After choosing this menu item, you will see a page much like the figure below.



      There are a number of steps necessary for configuring the email campaign. Start by editing the

      Setup page:

      1. Click the Client drop-down list, and then select the correct client name.

      2. Enter an Email Name, such as “Welcome Email” that will uniquely identify this email profile.

      3. Enter a Subject, which will appear in the header of each email message. An example might be “Welcome to the club!”

      4. Optionally, enter the Name that will appear in the email header.

      5. You may also enter an Email address. This address will appear in the [From] field of the email header in each message.

      6. The Reply-To address will be the same as the Email address, but you may change it to a different address. This address will appear in the [Reply-To] field of the email header.


      7. When you’re happy with the setup, click Next to move on to the Email Content step.