When deciding on a Text Messaging Promotions provider, it is very important to consider the method in which they are delivering your messages to your customers. Currently, the two most prominent options are the SMS and SMTP protocols. Both protocols have the capacity to deliver your text message but they are far from equivalent in reliability and speed.

The SMTP protocol is natively an email protocol that uses the internet to send your message, not directly through cell phone carriers. Often this method will suffice, however you can run into many issues when using this method. Firstly, this method is not supported by cell phone carriers so messages can be delayed, unpredictable and delivery is not guaranteed. Also, your messages are often detected as SPAM and never reach the recipient. We at Textboom have heard nightmare stories of bar owners sending out texts via SMTP and later receiving complaints from their customers claiming to have received promotional messages a day later than was intended. We feel this is simply unacceptable and that is why we use 100% true SMS technology.

The SMS protocol method sends your messages directly from a shortcode through the cell phone carriers and is the only approved method for text message promotions. SMS is the only delivery method Textboom uses so that we can guarantee the best service available to our customers. With the SMS protocol, you can count on your messages being delivered in seconds and are able to run delivery reports that will show you exactly how many of your customers received your messages.

Remember to do your research when deciding on a company for your text messaging needs. Knowledgeable staff, experience in the industry and utilization of the latest, most reliable technology is what sets Textboom apart.