The fastest way to grow your dispensary with the leader in Text Messaging.TextBoom understands the medical marijuana industry, has already helped grow multiple other dispensaries - Plus we understand the laws that regulate your promotions. Let us help you!

TextBoom provides text message promotions to
dispensary / dispensaries (where applicable) and are at the forefront of understanding the regulations in place, which allows us to help you avoid obstacles, so you can save time and money.

Our Features


When it comes to text message promotions for your business, Textboom offers you the best service to price ratio on the market.
See why we are the best here.

True SMS Messages

We only offer true "Express" text messages.

Unlimited Free Keywords

Some competitors charge up to $25 for keywords.

Unlimited Lists

Make as many sublists as you'd like without any additional cost.

Unlimited Subscribers

You can have as many subscribers as you'd like, you still only pay for the messages that you use.

Free Inbound Messages

Inbound messages and system messages do not count towards your plan usage.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our platform offers the latest features available.

24/7 Support

Contact us 24/7/365 via phone, email, text, live chat - If we are not available immediately, we will always respond in a timely manner to assist you.

and more...

Our platform integrates with Facebook and Twitter, making it even easier to manage your promotions and social media presence.
Send automatic "Happy Birthday" texts to your customers, customized with a special offer from your business.
Create "text-to-win" contests to reward your customers and build your marketing lists.
Our web widget wizard makes it simple to create opt-in forms for your website - Just copy and paste!
Our "Message Box" feature allows you to instantly reply to individual customer responses and even start a chat session if they have further questions.
Our media manager allows you to upload images and other media for use in your text message promotions.

We're not the only ones excited happy satisfied convinced growing booming with Textboom's service...