Day 3

How to Create a New Campaign

New Campaigns

AutoResponder Campaigns

An Autoresponder, or AR, is a feature that tell the system how to react when a keyword message is received.

There are 3 main components that are needed:

1. A keyword.

2. The Autoresponder service itself.

3. A list for the new subscribers to go into.

Watch our "How-To" video to see how you can create new campaigns simply and easily!

How long does a keyword need to be?

A keyword must be at least 3 characters and can be comprised of letters and/or numbers, but no special characters or spaces.

What is the difference between Double Opt-in & Single Opt-in?

Double opt-in prompts the subscriber to reply with a confirmation word, such as "YES" to confirm they want to be on your list. A Single Opt-in autoresponder does not have this requirement, though it is recommended that you only use Double Opt-in to ensure your text campaign is compliant with regulations.

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