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experience: 12 years in business

TextBoom built its roots as one of the first companies to utilize Text Messaging for Small to Medium size businesses. We have 12 years of experience with our technology and insist on continually advancing.

Speed: Get your message out fast

Our platform uses direct connections to Tier 1 Aggregators allowing your message to get out quickly, regardless of your list size. Our throughput, or message rate, is 500 SMS/s. This allows us to send 30,000 text messages per minute, or a whopping 1.8 million messages per hour.

industry leading technology

TextBoom's cutting edge platform was built from the ground up to be the most advanced mobile engagement platform in existence. Our platform is constantly evolving and improving to exceed industry standards and meet customers needs.

What Our Users Are Saying:

The TextBoom team has done a tremendous job of putting together this platform and keeping it simple and easy to use, but powerful and effective. As a agency we have used a lot of the other platforms on the market, and we can say with absolute certainty that TextBoom is the BEST!

The Interface is clean and easy to navigate, there are multiple options to select from when launching new campaigns that allow you to have a deeper level of control as well as choose your objective. Alongside having an incredible handle on SMS marketing, TextBoom is also allowing us to explore the effectiveness of mass email campaigns to improve our contact rates and increase our response rates across the board. We look forward to scaling our campaigns to new highs and growing alongside this incredible platform.

Andrew B.

TextBoom is one of those companies that you find and wonder why you hadn't found them before. They are hands down amazing, the people and their system. I've used 4 other companies for text.. and I mean for years.. before I found TextBoom, which was actually referred to me by another business owner. At first, I really thought something was off because their pricing was wayyyy below their competitors but my buddy had success with them, so I gave it a shot. Here I am 3 years later and like I said, I really wish I found them sooner. 

Specifics: The system is robust to the point it takes a bit of getting used to but it's awesome once you get the hang of it. The pricing is by far the best in the industry, just look at their pricing page and compare. Besides pricing, the biggest "pro" for me was their experience and advice for my campaigns, I've never seen better results.

Rob Walters

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