5 Reasons You Should be Marketing with Mobile

5 Reasons You Should be Marketing with Mobile


How often are you on your cellphone? How often do you see others on their cellphones texting?

Texting has become gigantic. CTIA reports 6.3 billion text messages are sent in just the US every day.Text message marketing offers and coupons are redeemed 8 times more frequently than email offers. Despite this information, email is still used more often by businesses to reach their consumers. Unfortunately, business owners stick with what is familiar and text message marketing seems complicated. In doing so, they are missing tremendous opportunities to create new customers, effectively engage those customers and increase return business.

Here’s why you’re “Missing the boat” if your business is not texting:

1. SMS / Text message marketing is effective, much more so than email.

Average open rates for successfully delivered emails is around 22%. That email will likely sit in their inbox, left to be forgotten. Text messages are opened at a rate of 98%, within an average of 90 seconds. This creates an unparalled marketing channel direct to your customers.

2. Customers who optin to text message promotions are “Pre-Qualified”

By generating a text database of opt-in customers who WANT your promotions and special offers, you’ve created an audience with open ears that are receptive to your engagements.

3. Real Engagement

Can a customer reply to your email promotions and start a conversation with your staff to get questions answered? Not likely. But with text message promotions, you have that option. For example, a nightclub owner sends a promotion and a patron responds with “Is there a dress code?”. The message is relayed to an employee who can instantly answer the customer.

4. Email may drive online sales, but texting brings customers to your store.

Customers that physically visit a storefront are 3 times more likely to purchase additional items that catch their attention, versus shopping online.

5. Metrics

Text message promotions use a technology that allows in-depth analytics to pinpoint which promotions are working and on-the-fly adjustments to fine tune those promotions.


Rob Woodward III

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